Cant believe I am posting this... but I think I am selling my 95’ NAS D90. Life has created some interesting opportunities and I think I will be needing the cash... This is my 2nd Defender, regretted selling the first one and will probably regret selling this one after the work I have put into it.

Black 1995 NAS D90
107K miles
4 Safari seats in the back
Stereo in lockbox with subs under the back seats
Badger Surrey top
Never spent a night outside since I got it!

$5000 worth of work at Eurotech just completed
  • Replace Fan clutch
  • Replaced MAF Sensor
  • Oil Change
  • Replaced Oil Cooler Hoses
  • Replace Valve Cover Gaskets
  • Fixed sticking accelerator pedal
  • Fixed coolant temp gauge and sensor
  • Replace starter
  • Replace Air Flow Sensor
  • New ignition Switch
Will add more pictures of interior and underbody when I get back.

No low ballers - not forced to sell