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This is a read only section where official Defender Source announcements will be posted.
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Defender & Series Technical Discussions

Defender Technical Discussions

This section is for Defender specific technical/help discussions
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Series Technical Discussions

This section is for Series specific technical/help discussions
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Santana Technical Discussions

This section is for Santana specific technical/help discussions
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Build-up's, Projects & Registry Profiles

Truck Build-up's & Restores

This section for large restoration / build up projects of trucks.
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Defender & Series Truck Registry

View the trucks in our Defender & Series Truck Registry. Click here to add or manage your entries.
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Smaller Projects

Projects that don't qualify as a complete build-up.
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For Sale - Vehicles

Post trucks for private sale here. Please include a full description, your price, pictures (or web link to pictures) if available, and the location of the truck.
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For Sale - Parts

Post your parts/items for private sale here. Please include a full description, your price, and pictures (or web link to pictures) if available. No dealer postings allowed in this section please.
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Post items you are looking for here. Please include a full description of what you are searching for and your location.
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This section is for Vendors to post new products, services, announcements, group buys, website specials, or anything else that Defender Source visitors might be interested in.
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The Flea Market

Anything For Sale/Wanted/Trade that doesn't really fit in the other categories (no weapons sales please), including Craigslist/eBay sales that are not your own.
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  1. Defender Technical Discussions
    Love just getting into vehicles like this. My first Defender, though. Here’s the tale: First thing to mention is the deadline. Tomorrow at 6pm we have to have a reasonably functioning Defender for a Halloween thing that involves a lot of starting and stopping and idling. 3 days ago: The...
  2. Mainly needing the vents... Any leads or info appreciated! thanks, Amanda
  3. Defender Technical Discussions
    Hi all, I have probably the most rookie question on here. Bare with me I am a little new to this. My 110 came with the front wheel on the hood. I like the look, but I doubt I will ever need two spares not to mention the additional 70lbs I have to carry around. I ordered a replacement bonnet...
  4. You pay shipping (or pickup near Hampton Roads, VA or Elizabeth City, NC). I’m listing the X-Brake on Guns and Rovers as well. 1. SOLD Set of MOD screw on lights with the plastic light bulb mount inserts. Some of the screw in brackets are a little bent (see pics) - $10 2. I have another set...
  5. Community News & Announcements
    Just a FYI if anyone out there is using Hagerty to insure there D90 NAS. Total replacement values have increased significantly over the past 18-24 months. So with one 15 minute phone call and about $400 annual increase to policy premium the total value increased by $25k just thought i would share
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