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Ich hatte mal gern ein Problem ...

Dank Carusos Hilfe, konnten etliche Hilfsmittel gebaut werden, die bei der De- bzw. Montage hilfreich sind!

Der Getriebehalter für die Werkbank:



Dichtgummi Zieher



wg. unterschiedlicher Ausgangswellenlängen musste hier nachgearbeitet werden

Gleiches gilt auch für die Handhabung der Ausgangswelle


Niederhalter und Setzdorn mit Hülse für Sprengringe


Hope you don't need a translation.
I'm done for today.
It was hot and humid.
Not my conditions for translations. :grin

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Thanks Ed!

Needed the tools to get a look inside my friend's automatic.

Fitted the second one several days ago. This one doesn't shift! :eek:
First one shifted well, but there was a noise like forgotten tools inside the box when the car is shuffeling the engin.

Issues are located here:

Any ideas how this could happen?

I will exchange the hydraulic steering boxes of the both of the two tomorrow.
Hope it will help.

Any other options? :icon_peace:

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That makes sence, Jeff! :eek:

Changed the steering block yesterday.
Now the ZF shifts smooth and perfect at the right time! :whistling:

Btw. it's no fun to do this in a pit, with the parts in hands, oil leaking from where you have to screw or unsrew bolts.

Some pics:

To reach the last bolt of the oil pan the gearbox support has to be removed a little bit.

When unscrewing the bolts of the steering box a huge pan has to be right in place because about half of a gallon of oil wants to drop down!

It took about an hour when we could remove the block save and sound.

None of the circlipps was set at its groove perfect.

A little bit tricky to adjust the block to the right position betwenn kick-down cam and valve pin.

But all went well!

Needed a shower after this procedure. :grin
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