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Yes, my wife and I are gluttons for punishment. We have greatly enjoyed our '86 Ex-MoD soft top. We are planning to keep it but also want more seats.

Since we want this to last a long time we want to build from the ground up with galvanized chassis and bulkhead.

What we are looking at is a donor. A rusted out broken frame? Fine. Blown engine? Okay. We need a repairable body, front and rear ends, manual transmission and transfer case.

Right hand drive. Yes, RHD. If we end up with a LHD donor, we will convert to RHD.

We are willing to buy outside the U.S. and ship if completely original and 25+ years old.

Style? I will jump on a 130 4 door pick up. I know these are rare. My choice is a 110 County but Carrie is attracted to a 110 4 door pick up. We are still discussing.

Engine? I'm leaning toward a 200TDi.

What do you have that you want to sell?


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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