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Figure this was better suited to people who subscribe to the mud pit:

I have a laundry list of things I am going to be doing to my 300TDI 90 in the coming weeks, would pick a weekend after June 17th (Annapolis MD area)

  1. Front Suspension
  2. Front Steering Arms/Panhard Rod/radius arms
  3. 300TDI Clutch/Slickshift/throwout bearing
  4. 300TDI Turbo/Timing Belt/Rear Main seal
  5. Roof sealing/headliner install/dome light wiring
  6. dash replacement/repair
  7. r380 tunnel modification (using uncle doug's adapter)
  8. General wiring cleanup
  9. Front and Rear Wheel bearings/possibly swivel ball seals
Not sure if there is any interest, I am considering documenting all of the above for the forum but if someone is interesting in getting some hands-on experience with a 300TDI or is considering doing any of these projects themselves it might be a good opportunity to get your hands dirty and see how some of these systems work.

Pizza and beer provided, can house a few blokes at my house in Annapolis (up to 5 if need be) work to be performed close to downtown with appropriate equipment.

PM me for details
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