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Wiring behind dash

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Ok, got my steering sorted, now on the finishing up wiring. Does anyone know where these connect to??


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You'll need to get yourself a factory workshop manual and dive into the wiring diagram.
By matching the wire colors, you'll be able to figure out what the different plugs connect to.
Typically there are corresponding places with matching wire color, but not always.
Also not all plugs are powered and meant to be plugged into something, but be sure to properly insulate anything that has (+) current, but does not get plugged into other connectors.
Ok good to know I’ll look at it again.

I guess what I can’t figure out is where the gauges get power from. They are all plugged in behind thebinnacle, but where does that go and plug into?
Ok I think I’m getting it. My tacho has no wires at all. Can I run just a standard wire to the alternator and another standard to power, or do they have to be certain wires?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts