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Do you want to help put together info for winches that fit the ARB 3432090 bullbar and similar bumpers? I’ll focus on the Warn winches that ARB specifies. Their catalog says “Suits Warn & Magnum 8/9/9500lb low mount winches.” So I assume any of the classic low-profile winches and possibly the newer VR & Zeon winches with a control pack relocation kit will fit.

I also know the M8274 can be installed since I saw instructions on the forum, but I’ll focus on the winches that don’t require modification.

It looks like there is a packer kit that is required for winch installation. It’s not included with the bumper. ARB lists it as part # 3532050.

M6000 (discontinued)
-This appears to be the basic winch of the series. Maybe not adequate for a Defender, but Warn lists a Land Rover specific model. I don’t know which Land Rover it was designed for. This winch could be upgraded with parts to become one of the higher line pull rated winches below.
-It looks like there isn’t a version with a contractor control pack. It was discontinued.

M8000 (M8)
-This appears to be one of the most popular winches of the series and I’ve read people declare it the best value. Although the price has gone up a lot recently.
-It has different stage 1 and 2 gears compared to the M6000, but the same motor. Is it correct to assume the different gears give it the increased line pull rating?
-The latest version has the contractor control pack. (This is the one I purchased.)

XD9000 (XD9)
-This winch appears to be an M6000 (same gears) with the stronger motor from the M8274-50.
-Latest version has the same contractor control pack as M8000.

-This winch appears to be an M6000 (same gears) with a stronger and faster 6 hp motor. It also has different drum supports and includes a sealing gasket for the motor.
-Latest version has the same contractor control pack as M8000.

-This 9,500 lb rated winch appears to be an M8000 (same gears), but with the thermometric motor from the 16.5ti (with gasket) and the same drum supports as the 9.5XP.
-It has a special contractor control pack and remote for thermometric feature.
-For some reason it’s not sold in North America. It appears to be a popular choice in Australia.

Other choices include the M12000 and the Endurance 12.0 (a fan cooled winch which appears to be discontinued).

The first generation VR winches (e.g. VR10000) appear to be similar to the other low profile classic winches with interchangeable parts, except they have a less efficient motor and an older style solenoid control pack. It looks like Warn still sells them overseas as the Tabor and Magnum series. They appear to be more reliable than later VR winches based on reviews.
-Some early VR winches were assembled by Warn in Oregon (e.g. VR10000 & VR12000), but still have China origin parts.

The newer VR EVO and Zeon winches seem to have less positive reviews and resemble the winches from everyone’s favorite Chinese tool store (which is what Warn is trying to compete with now). Perhaps they are less reliable. It also looks like it may be more difficult to obtain individual parts for them as Warn lists replacements parts as sets. It appears Zeon winches are assembled by Warn in Oregon, but have China origin parts like the VR EVO.

Link to Warn replacement parts lists.

XDC replacement parts list (missing from Warn USA site).

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I found the service manual for the M6000, M8000, and XD9000 here. Should be mostly the same for the similar models.

The screws for the gear housing have a little rust on mine, so I thought I would take them out to clean them up or replace them. Except one of them broke inside. It looks like Warn didn't apply any anti-seize to them.

I'll try using my left hand drills to get it out. I'll replace them with something more corrosion resistant. McMaster has them in"Super-Corrosion-Resistant 316 Stainless" and "Zinc-Aluminum-Coated Alloy Steel." Maybe the coated alloy steel would be better even though it looks like they don't need to be high strength. They are 2 1/4" long despite the M8000 parts list declaring them 2 1/2". It would be nice if I could get Torx cap screws, but I don't see any that long.

There is a lot of good grease on the gears though. It looks like Moly.

Edit: I couldn't get the broken bolt out. It broke off at a bit of an angle and the drill drifted beside it. I ordered a new drum support. The set for the VR10000 cost less and they are the same besides the color according to reviewers on Amazon. I found a rebuild thread someone made and the paint they used is Dupli-Color wheel paint. It looks like graphite color.

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