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What is a set of 5 8.25x16 XZL's on Defender Rims going for these days?

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Hi folks,
What is a set of these going for these days? These are the 8.25 x 16

They used to be 3k.

I'm going to put my K02's on the 90 next month when I bring it up to Marietta.

The 5 XZL's are mounted and balanced and in my place in Marietta.

Admin.. please remove our move if not allowed. I honestly haven't seen a mounted set on here in a while.
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No idea what they are worth but I want them
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Unfortunately they're probably about 16 years old at this point. I sold my last set of 4 which were only used about 15k miles or so for around $500 or so on white genuine steel wheels

Unused and stored properly, maybe $900-1600 depending
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I just replaced my spare on my LR-Defender 130 truck for $200
I have five tires, goodyears i think however, for sale but haven't gotten any bites. the dot codes are from 2007 . Tires look great but they are old.
Hi Ozzie id be interested in these tires
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Despite what others may say, I wouldn't mount tires from 2008 on anything that I drive. There are plenty of tires out there that wildly outperform those XCLs that are not as old as Biden.
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