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VIN For Italian Import

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I am very new to the Defender world and am looking to purchase a 1987 Defender 90 that I have been told was imported from Italy. I have been trying to research the VIN that seller has provided and I keep getting false reportage. I asked the seller and he said that Italy imports can reverse a number indicating the year model. Trying not to be an idiot, but I thought the VIN was the VIN, no matter what. Can someone give me a little guidance? VIN given: SALLDVAB8AA308702
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They did not use standardized VINs at that time. VIN looks fine. In those years they did not use date codes. It stayed as "A" for many years. The 308702 serial puts it in 1987.


Thanks for the info! I am looking forward to jumping into the Defender World. Appears to be a group of interesting folks.
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