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I have been using the Series crank handle to turn the crank and check/set the valves. The 200TDI does not have the dog on the crank to fit the hand crank so I modified mine. Using a 1/2" x 30mm impact socket I welded it to a 1/2" drive U-joint.
The end of the crank handle I ground off to fit the 1/2" U-joint.
To use it I have to slide the handle in past the brace I made to fit under the bumper. Past the first cross member. Then put on the u-joint and fit it to the crank nut.

The brace was made from a 1 1/4 x 1/8" angle iron. I drilled a hole to fit the crank handle shaft and then dremeled out the slot for the crank handle dog. I cut at the corner and bent them over for gussets and welded them in place. Drilled holes for 1/4" bolts and located it on the underside of the bumper. It is attached with grade 8 bolts.

Before doing this the crank handle was difficult to keep in place while turning without the brace. The angle of the crank handle would not let the socket fit straight on. Using the brace kept the crank handle straight but would often fall out of the socket due to the angle(being lower than the crank nut). With the u-joint the socket stays on and the crank handle stays straight making turning the crank on the 200TDI as easy as on the 2.25.


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