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Trying to remove 1 1/2" rock sliders to replace.

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I am super frustrated trying to get the rear section of tubing that by design is mounted into tubing that is welded to frame behind doors on both sides (1996 300tdi D90). Removing the bolts was ok and I have literally beat the crap out of it trying to get it to budge but apparently it's rusted together. Any ideas? I am planning on taking a torch to hit and heat up and hope it does the trick. Has anyone else encountered this? If so, what was solution?
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Is it soaking in PB or Kroil right now?

Let ‘er soak 24 hours and then try. Then add percussive persuasion, and finally the gas wrench. If you can wiggle/ twist it at all while oil is in there that will help a lot.

The final option is to torch it off and replace completely.
I will soak it tonight and won't work on it until Friday. Thought about making a slide hammer attached to it. I hate RUST!!!
Put cardboard under the area and be LIBERAL with the penetrant. Soak it every day- maybe twice a day even- and watch for brown sludge to seep out somewhere.

The wiggling/rotating is key as well.

Think about how you will remove rust from the inner diameter once (if) you get it apart. Wire bottle brush, ball hone maybe...
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I have a can of Zep penetrating oil...has anyone used that? If no good I will go buy some Kroil. The previous owner put waxoyl or something similar so I spent a decent amount of time cleaning that so I could spray anything on it. Praying I don't need to torch off and reweld
When my Dad had his shop, we had a lot of Zep products and in general they were good. I don't recall and certainly no recent experience with the Zep penetrant.

Also, old-school acetone and ATF works exceptionally well...
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Heat it up. Soaking only goes so far, but heat usually does the trick IMO
Can you get a bottle jack between the frame and bar somehow to apply outward pressure?
I’ve used a porta power with-a piece of 2x8 against frame side to keep from mishaping the frame.
Reality is if the person who installed them did not grease or anti seize them before sliding them together you may be out of luck. Have had to cut the out riggers off and weld new on before.
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