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Travel Length On Seat Rails

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Newbie here with a quick question in regard to the front seat on a 110 wagon; is it possible to increase the drivers seat travel? My new knees don't bend as good as the old ones, it would be great to gain just a little more leg room. Appreciate your thoughts.
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I think I have a set of seat risers if interested, pm if so.
Thanks guys, appreciate the info. Info I end up with a wagon I'll definately take you up on the offer!
My seats are a bit taller than stock, and this provides enough leg room for me (6'-2") with no modifications to the truck.

You can use spacers under the stock bolts (which must be replaced to longer ones) to provide the same effect. Your feet should sit flat on the floor. If the back of your knees are up off of the seat, with your feet flat on the floor in front of the seat, go higher.
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