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Model: 1997 Defender 90 ST "The Killer Bee"
Location: California, Colorado USA

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Rimmer autorotor supercharger 4.0 L V8
35" SSR on 15" rims (American racing wheels from Gulf Coust Rovers
GCR rear skid plate
GCR axle breather kit
A big honkin pintle hitch for tailgating Honda's :)
Ashcroft 4.75 R&P
Ashcroft crawler box F&R
ARB's w/ calco armored air lines
Power tank Co2 tank and ARB compressor
Premier power welder
Ashcroft Rear HD axles
GBR front extreme duty axles & cages
GKN F&R torque limiters
Bill Burke rock sliders
SG diff gaurds
SG rear quarter protectors
SG rear tire rack & jerry can holder
SG drive shafts
SG three link front suspension
Rockware front bumper & integrated tow bar mount
Rockware rear dropout spring kit and shock mounts
Rockware cat sliders
Rockware frame sliders
Rockware castor corrected rear trailing arms
Rancho 9012 & 9014 shocks
BP ( all-makes ) front skid gaurd
Warn 9000i winch
Carpenter rigging's swivel hoists & winch cable
Tuffy console mated to 97 autobox console w/ custom guages
LR fiberglass hardtop ( in winter )
Badger rear toneau, bikini top and windbreak in summer

12" 8 way adjustable front and rear fox shocks
SG stage III systems components/springs
SG custom earless frame mounted trailing arms
A whole lotta yellow paint and yellow Durabak :)

Other Rovers:
Fully locked FC101
Fully locked series III

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