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The [Un]Official Where to Get Your Rover Fixed Thread

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I thought it would be helpful to start pulling everyone's favorite shops together in one thread and especially helpful for those traveling to have a list in case they are broken down in an unfamiliar place.

So, I will start with my two local independent rover places. Both are great and run by great people with good service and fair prices.

Frank Dalahan, 301 Macdade Blvd, Collingdale, PA 19023 (outside Philadelphia) 484-494-9133

Trevor Griffiths, 2477 Old Hershey Road, Elizabethtown, PA 17022 (outside Harrisburg) 717-367-0176

If you use this format, at the end of the thread I can pull them all together and put them in excel.
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Any (and I mean ANY) recommendations for the Southeast? Anywhere at all in LA, TN, MS, AL (even GA)? I'd like to find someone that actually knows old Defenders and am happy to haul or drive there for major work if it is within a days drive.
No worries on time, thanks for the info Jay.
New Rover shop opening in northwest Little Rock, Arkansas. Overland Autoworks. These guys have done some great work on my Defender and always have RRs, Discos, and Defenders around. Two thumbs up.
1 - 3 of 337 Posts