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The [Un]Official Where to Get Your Rover Fixed Thread

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I thought it would be helpful to start pulling everyone's favorite shops together in one thread and especially helpful for those traveling to have a list in case they are broken down in an unfamiliar place.

So, I will start with my two local independent rover places. Both are great and run by great people with good service and fair prices.

Frank Dalahan, 301 Macdade Blvd, Collingdale, PA 19023 (outside Philadelphia) 484-494-9133

Trevor Griffiths, 2477 Old Hershey Road, Elizabethtown, PA 17022 (outside Harrisburg) 717-367-0176

If you use this format, at the end of the thread I can pull them all together and put them in excel.
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Any Hampton Roads guys have a reliable place to get electrical work done? I’ve been chasing gremlins ever since I bought the truck and I’m considering someone to just fix everything once and for all. Nothing major (blinker, headlights, small annoying intermittent stuff). Also I realize that they are Lucas electrics so there isn’t really such a thing as “once and for all”...
Yocum’s Hotrods.

Kyle did a frame-on overhaul of my ’69 Series IIA four years ago. My Seriess IIA is my daily driver (when it’s not freezing or pouring with rain.)
Eric does his electrical work. He’s a retired Navy Electronics Technician and he’s awesome. We pulled the Lucas harness out and replaced with a harness from summit racing.
I can’t recommend Kyle’s shop enough. Kyle is a world class metal shaper and the crew he’s got is extremely talented and experienced.

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