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Thanks to this site !

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I drove my Defender all over town today and I'm convinced its fixed. It was the Ignition Control Module! Thank you to all who got me to this repair that I did in my garage ! After many visits to mechanics and giving up hope, you guys did it ! WHY mechanics don't keep an ignition module in their tool box to use as a test part beats the sh-t out of me. I will purchase another soon just to have on hand as a spare! Now I can start to build confidence and hopefully use this truck more ! See you guys at a Defender gathering soon and will drive mine there!!!!!
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factory original lasted about 20 yrs but being electronics any thing goes.
Mine made it 27 years - but as many have said and it bears repeating - the parts that I have replaced on my '95 are not as good as the parts that have failed - this maybe one of them!
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