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I'd bump the old thread for the Double Cab partout but I keep getting PM's on items that are sold, so to avoid any confusion I'm making this separate listing for the only piece the remains of the truck.

Up for sale is a 2004 Td5 with an indicated 3x,xxx miles (I'll check the odometer this evening) mated to an R380. This will soon be removed from a strong running and driving truck that I have had in my possession for over a year, and I can personally attest to its condition. You aren't rolling the dice on a junkyard pullout with this one.

Asking $6,500

What you're buying:
Engine, as removed from the vehicle.
Complete engine wiring harness up to the plug on the bulkhead.
Radiator and intercooler with all piping and plumbing.
R380 Transmission.
Ancillary brackets and parts that are of no use to me.
I can offer the 1.4 T-case at an additional cost.

The only known issues I have seen on this setup are:
-It sounds as if the AC tensioner pulley is chirping. Likely needs replacing.
-Oil pan appears to be leaking. I haven't investigated it too thoroughly but it sure looks to be the case. I'm happy to offer a complete reseal of the engine at the buyers request.

I'll upload some photos and video this evening for those interested. Please feel free to give me a call if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks!

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