When I bought my truck it came with this top. It is in great condition except for some discoloration on the top rear which I hadn’t noticed until I removed the top. This uses the NAS header bar, which I also have (for additional cost) if needed.

I replaced this top with a full soft top/gutter kit and no longer need it. Located on Long Island but will ship (in US) for $25.

Description from Rovers North:
$789 part EXT249-9
NAS Defender Surrey Soft Top Hood made from black Stayfast material. Designed exclusively for Rovers North by Exmoor Trim.
The Stayfast hooding is hard-wearing, totally waterproof, and a step above Mohair quality.
These open air soft tops are ideal for outdoor fun, providing cover from the sun's rays while maximizing your view.
Developed by Julian Gostling himself, Exmoor Trimunderstands exactly what is required to ensure that these surrey tops are made with care and attention to detail for a perfect fit. Reinforced panels for durability and contoured design maintain a sleek tailored fit.