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While none of this is technically a firearm I figured I'd just throw it up in the mud pit from the start since the savages that inhabit here are most likely to know what this stuff is, and/or perhaps have need. Back from two years overseas and using the opportunity cull through crap. Much of the rover stuff was dealt with before I left but I have found that I have an inordinate amount of weapons related stuff and don't really 'need' some of it so I figured I'd pass along some of the items to ya'll for first dibs before the people of Ebay get their chance.

-Paypal is ray.gerber(at)
-Prices DO NOT include shipping, we can work that out if need be.
-I am not going to look up your state's laws regarding the Glock mags-well actually I will, so don't ask if you don't live in a free place or can't claim property in one as a cut out.

Surefire M910 Vertical Foregrip weapons light w/A.R.M.S. throw lever mount ($120)
2016-07-22 09.10.59.jpg 2016-07-22 09.10.28.jpg
Perfect for an SBR/PDW or HD gun, particularly if you've never transitioned to the in vogue 'C clamp' shooting style. Extremely robust weapon light that puts the light low at 6 O'clock. This one has the white nav LEDs (don't seem to be working) and is in good operating condition on the primary light with both the constant on switch as well as the momentary pressure pads. As you can see this one has been used more than most MOD Defenders, has some tan spray paint overspray down on the battery cap but is still what it is. If you need this, you'll know why.

Surefire M951 Weaponlight (thumb screw mounts) ($80)
2016-07-22 09.12.15.jpg 2016-07-22 09.12.31.jpg 2016-07-22 09.12.40.jpg
Military grade weapons light that, like the M910, I've carried downrange on my rifle at times. Robust, likely capable of being used as a hammer or if you are breaching and instead of the barrel you catch the light it will most likely still work. Used but not too bad shape, has the tail cap with the plug for the momentary pad but I never bothered to source one-cap also has constant on/off clicky too. Superb light for a truck gun that will get abused and tossed around.

5.11 COVRT M4 'Discreet' Gun Bag ($60)
5.11 Tactical Covert Gun Bag - M4 Collapsed Stock | Official 5.11 Site
2016-07-23 14.20.31.jpg 2016-07-23 14.26.55.jpg 2016-07-23 14.27.40.jpg 2016-07-23 14.28.11.jpg
A pretty good bag for hauling a short long gun (the pictured weapon is a 10.5 LMT MK-18) along with other accompanying items-it goes without saying the AR, the chest rig, nor the G19 are part of the transaction are and pictured just for illustration. Link to 5.11 site has all the detailed specs. Bag has one hole in the nylon on the smaller picture as depicted and has been my primary 'truck gun' bag when I came home over the past two years but that hasn't made for a lot of abuse just some dust and occasional handling.

Factory Glock 33rnd Mags (2) w/Magpul plates ($40)
2016-07-23 14.31.38.jpg 2016-07-23 14.31.47.jpg
Purchased awhile back (off Dweb ironically) when I was going through a phase about building a 9mm AR that uses Glock mags-something that I still find interesting but not compelling enough for the foreseeable future. I contemplated keeping them for my G19 just to keep in the truck ala the SB/SAS but I think I'll just stick with G17+2's and call it a day. Have never shot with these and have no idea of their spring condition, but they are Glock parts so its like buying a Toyota. (which I guess makes Rovers like 1911's...classy, but rarely working properly).

I also have other crap that I don't feel like uploading pics of, hit my email if you are interested in:

-Magpul MOE grip w/Calico Jack inscribed on it. (Seemed like a neat thing for a .22 build at the time but with half the navy rocking them now like they're ST6 I may as well put Punisher **** on my gun and pretend Chris Kyle was a real sniper).
-LaRue Apeg grip (black)
-If anyone is thinking of an AR pistol and wants to go with the Sig Brace hit me up, I have a few take off's and still have a buffer tube too.
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