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This is the Rimmer setup with an Eaton 62 supercharger (rebuilt 2 years ago), adapters, custom plenum,
new (never installed) MS2 Extra EFI ecu Plug N Play from V8 Developments in the UK.
It is wired for distributorless ignition if you want to add it later and 2 wideband O2 sensors.
Also included are:
2 AEM Air/Fuel Ratio gauges,
1 AEM 1-15 pound boost gauge,
1 Knocklite
1 MSD Boost Timing Master
Everything was installed about 2 thousand miles ago, except for the supercharger.
Currently runs up to 5 pounds of boost and can be increased to about 8 lbs. with a smaller pulley (included)
Much cheaper than a 4.6 litre engine and more power.
The Rimmer kit was installed in Art Vigil's 1995 RRC for 125,000 miles with no problems. It was rebuilt 2 years ago by Magnuson
The MegaSquirt is ideal for boosted motors, but I've had no problems running the system like Art did (with the addition of the BTM). I realized that the MegaSquirt system is for someone with greater access to a tuner and who loves fooling around with engines, software, etc. I'm too much of an old dog for these new tricks.
$2,700 for all.
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