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My steering box has taken a poo all over my truck. The steering is actually good and not too sloppy.
oddly enough drives and steers with confidence even when the reservoir is empty.

I am in the process of installing a new motor into my 90 and I have full access to the box.
Truck details
1987 D90
6 bolt box
unknown mileage on current box.

Should I
A. Re-seal the box?
B. Buy an ICS specialist box from the UK for 400 usd shipped
C. Buy a britpart box here in the US for 600 usd?

I hear there is a gentleman here in VA that re seals these things. Not sure who he is though.

Thanks for your help.

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I do the Adwest boxes, but I can't imagine the Gemmer box is that much more difficult. I am willing to take a look. The seal kit (aftermarket) is about $30. Assuming the box and the sector shaft and the input (worm gear) shaft are both in good condition and there's nothing bad otherwise, I think you'll be OK. I'd start looking for a RHD Adwest box tho. Much easier to get parts for.
I'm across the river from you in Kensington.
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