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Spring 2017 Safety Devices Roll Cage Group Buy Time!

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Maybe you've seen the last 3 group buys I did but didn't have the money then. It's tax refund season, so treat yourself. I'm sure some of the people here can chime in with their experiences with our prior group buys. Unless it was a bad experience, which in that case please be quiet. I have a kid to feed now.

Timeframe: Last day to order will be April 14th. Then it will take SD 4-6 weeks to build our order, 1 week to deliver to port, and then factor another month-ish for shipping/customs/ delivery from Port to Buffalo. Once I get them here, my warehouse guy inspects them, repacks them and shrink wraps for added security. Realistic shipping date from me to you would be roughly the first week of July. This timetable can vary depending on what Trump says between now and then, and depending on how customs treats us.

All cage orders require payment in full upfront and are non-refundable once I place the order with Safety Devices on Monday, April 17th.

Send me an email with all the info below and I will get back to you asap.

Things I need from you, in email form only:

[email protected]


Phone #:

Shipping Address:
(Note, shipping to commercial address or to local freight hub will save you money, too) Free Pickup in Clarence Center, NY or delivery to any event we attend. Will also assist in any RURR you can setup.

Cage or Roof Rack Part # from

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Photo is an RBL1727SSS from our last go-round.


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Any news on these??

Traded emails with Erik last week. Container is on its way over. ETA depends on how quickly the container clears and gets to Lucky 8. Cummins recipient 90 is getting a full external cage.
Erik, is this the same shipment with the roll bar foams I asked for? Thanks.
Man, does that truck in the photo look familiar!
Still waiting. The ship must've went the long way around. :)
I sent Erik an email last week here is his response.

. We expect to be shipping these out sometime next week. Will send details soon

Yes! Finally!

I know what I'm doing this long weekend . . .

Thanks Eric and all the guys/gals at Lucky8!


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