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We've recently updated the site rules and so, wanted to give everyone a heads up about this. They are expanded a bit to more clearly describe rules of the road and outline specific expectations regarding commercial activity, what is reasonable posting and how to proceed if you have a problem with your account. Newly registering members are shown these as part of the registration process.

Here are the highlights:
Be nice, be reasonable be civil. Have fun but not at the expense of other members. Report trouble when you see it and let the site team handle it. Commercial activity is more clearly explained as are expectations for classifieds use.

Changes in classifieds include: no third party sales, no general or off topic discussion on classifieds listings and we will be adding a new classifieds section for used stuff being sold by industry pros; Commercial Classifieds - (used items only).

We expect collegial posting and need an end to insults and slurs. They diminish the community and drive off great members who aren't interested in a pi$$ing match. We hope these changes will be positive and understand that folks may be skeptical about this but really, this just is a restatement of the old rules with a few additions regarding commercial posting to reflect current need.

Here's a direct link:

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