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Suspension recommendations?
1990 Land Rover Defender 110 Station Wagon 200 TDI ROW left hand drive
We have just completed a complete refurbishment/rebuilt or new everything and have set up this truck with a lot of accessories designed for travel overland from Alaska to Argentina, then circumnavigate and cross Australia.
Included in the vehicle equipment is:
• 2 full size wolf rims and spare standard size tires
• Full frontrunner roof rack with extra slats
• Will carry 2 jerry cans of diesel and one or two cans of water when needed
• Eazi awn expedition roof top tent
• Eazi awn awning
• Dual batteries
• Compressor
• Diesel fired heater in cab
• ARB winch bumper and winch in front, heavy duty bumper rear
• Underbody protection, rock sliders and tree bars
• Alumabox on rack
• Spotlights etc.
• Manufacturer Stated Stock weight: 4,530 lbs.
• Manufacturer Stated Max weight: 6,503 lbs.
• As equipped weight with 2 passengers:
o 888lbs over stock (average 222 lbs. additional per wheel)
o 5418 lbs. total
• Packed for camping with tent etc.
o 1675 lbs. over stock (average 418 lbs. additional per wheel)
o 6,205 lbs. total (300 lbs.<max weight)
Hood mount spare wheel/tire, ARB bumper with winch and front end under body protection adds 320 lbs. to front axle load (not including the shared load from other gear)
I do not want to have a suspension lift that is so high that it may cause other issues or requires replacing axles, or other modifications, prefer no more than 2” lift.
The truck has been set up for use off road and on dirt roads, but obviously is going to be driven on road, much or maybe most of the time
We installed new Landrover HD springs and Bilstein shocks less than 3,000 miles ago and its always been too soft and has too much body roll.
We are considering ordering the Extra Heavy Old Man Emu springs and shocks (30mm lift in front and 40 mm lift in rear) with long travel shocks. Would the OME heavy duty or extra heavy-duty springs front and back matched with appropriate HD Bilstein or HD EMU shocks work or will we need other mods?
All recommendations are welcome, thank you. Mike

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Lots of weight. Did you strengthen your axles? If you’re concerned with body roll, then keeping your sway bars would be a good idea (with lift, you’d require lift blocks)—they do limit flex if that is a concern. Lockers sure would help keeping you unstuck. My 110 was set up for expedition use and has dual shock mounts, front and rear although currently only front dual shocks punted (one internal, one external to the spring).

As for spring recommendations, we would need tire size, but Bill at GBR does this sort of thing all the time as mentioned...

I will mention that mine is also set up with trussed wolf axle housings. I believe a lot of the weight rating is associated with axle and housing strength but that is my assumption. If you’re traveling remotely, may want to see if that is an issue or not. I’ve sever bent or broken a housing so not sure, but have broken my share of axles...

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Have 235/85/16 Goodyear MTR's on heavy wolf steel rims for summer tires, ARB diff locks and both sway bars. Axles are most likely the originals, one of the few things not replaced as they seemed in good shape.
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