SEATS: The second row seats are aftermarket but not sure who made them. They need to be reupholstered. The PO took the headrest off the middle one but could easily be resecured. I don't have any seat brackets that go on the tub so you should have this style already, not the 60/40. They are in Tacoma, WA and prefer local pickup but will consider shipping (on the buyer's dime) if there is no local interest. $100.

Tow Pintle: The pintle does swivel by hand. The 2" receiver seems to be an aftermarket kit. It had a plate welded to the bottom of the rear bumper which I can't tell if all Defenders come with. I'm replacing my rear quarter chassis so I cut it off and am including it with (it's the chunk of metal with bare metal sides). The 2" receiver is made of 1/4" angle iron and is secured with 6 large bolts. Similar designs are rated at class 3 but buyer to verify. $100 shipped.