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Sailsbury diff covers

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So, is the Sailsbury the same as the Dana 60? Reason I ask is: can I use a Dana cover on a Sailsbury, or do I have to spend the big bucks for a Sailsbury cover?
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I use a paper gasket and Permatex aviation form-a-gasket as dope.

Nuclear option: same but using Indian Head shellac on the gasket (made popular trying to seal Mopar aluminum water necks to cast iron intakes).

When that leaks, you need to replace the component.

I know RTV is popular, and even used by the OEMs in some cases, but I avoid it whenever I can.
I have a lublocker on my Sals and it cured a leaky cover issue. Plus installed dry. E
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Found it! Some Surface rust but nothing bad. I’ll pm you. I have always used RightStuff, no gasket on every truck I’ve owned for the last 25 years. It’s one area I’ve never leaked. Strongly recommend.
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Just to chime in again, my issue with is the Orig Sals cover is the fill port. Thread is tapered, NPT, and usually has been over tightened and stretched to the point that the bung can come in contact with the ring gear. Had an ex-helper who serviced a diff and when truck moved the bung actually shot out of the diff cover.

Pretty the bung should be proud by 3-4 threads when installed. If it threads in flush…

You have stretched you bung hole.
(spanner drop and walk away).
I think it hits the differential carrier and not the ring gear which is under the big bump to the left of the bungholio.

Must have been cool to launch that!
Jim, you are correct.
Did some side by side comparison.

right is Gen, left is Amazon Dorman cover.

obviously the above has made contact.

And this is how it was before removal. Way too deep.
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Having them side by side you really see the difference.
So, Mr. Davis has hooked me up with a "pre-loved" diff cover. I have cleaned it up somewhat in preparation for fresh paint.

Blurry... Sorry...
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K Kreutzer (RoverTracks) used to suggest a F250 / 350 front diff cover from Ford ???

Mine's a bit leaky ... one of these days I'll hunt one up :)
The Dana/Spicer one is certainly thicker than the stock one, but I had reservations about clearance, and I have a QT guard anyway, so the thickness isn't an issue for me.
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