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SA 110 Hi-Line Color / Codes ?

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Does anyone know the colors / codes on the stripes? It's a 1992 South African 110 "Hi-Line". Pretty sure it's Alpine white on the base, but curious on the striping for respray / repaint purposes.

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No idea about ZA, but for European trucks, the equivalent ‘County’ or ‘Defender’ stripes are decals (and I believe, still available)—part #s are in the parts manual
Thanks, I'm an idiot and didn't know that. That makes more sense. I'll take a look around.
Anyone know a good decal guy ;)
Here is the one (similar) I have

I haven’t put it on, but soon. Very similar.
Great, thank you. I can't seem to find the "Hi-Line" so the "County" will probably have to do.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts