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Selling my 300tdi 90. I would like it sold as is.

I wanted it to be perfect, but my priorities have changed and this is something I don't have time for. I don't believe there is a major issue, and someone with know-how can probably have this running in a few hours and perfect in a few days.

I originally bought this for my father in 2011, however he didn't use it much and was uncomfortable in it after a knee surgery. I mainly used it for short weekend trips with my wife.

The color is great and I was asked to use it for photoshoots and advertisements (legitimate not Instagram "models") a number of times.

Included are the photos I have right now.

If someone is serious we can talk on the phone and I can go get more photos, set up a Facetime video, meet a mechanic for an inspection, etc. The car is about 45 minutes north of Manhattan in Westchester, NY.

Epsom Green 300 TDI 90. RHD

Asking $34,000

Driven sparingly for about 8 years and garage kept for about half of that time. It was extremely reliable.

In early 2019, I decided to address some fading on certain panels on the vehicle. It had always bothered me. All glass and seals were removed by me (I planned to replace the rear windows with Masai windows), and the truck was blended from the front doors back. Any panels which needed replacing were also replaced.

Due to some internal fighting at the paint shop, the shop, which has worked on all of my Defenders, did not finish putting the truck back together and eventually I grew impatient and went there and took it to where it lives.

Unfortunately, it was only driven around the block a few times since then and has not started since some time in late 2019/early 2020.

The rear lights will need to be installed and now there is some electrical issue preventing it from starting. The Defender was very reliable up until this point.

It cruised above 75 on the highway and I had the fuel pump adjusted to give it some more speed.
I did multiple trips from NY to DC (400+miles round trip) and NYC to Montauk (230+ miles round trip) in it. Frankly, it was the most reliable Defender I have owned.


Completely rebuilt in 2011 with a 300tdi engine and galvanized chassis


300tdi rebuilt in 2011. Less than 10k miles put on all by me or immediate family from 2011-2019


Genuine puma hood and doors. Later model Epsom green body. Any panels which were not perfect were replaced with OEM panels in 2019. All glass was removed and replaced if needed.


Td5 dash with double din mod (genuine)
Td5 wiring harness
Td5 fuel tank
Masai rear windows (I will put on the seal once installed properly)
Power windows
Custom double din dash(rovers north style--current part number DA2898)
Puma black modus seats (front-no seats in the back) I can include matching Exmoor lock and folds
Black genuine rubber interior liner for rear (with LR logo etc)
Bulkhead removal bar (done in 2019)
Sawtooth wheels
Black headliner (alcantara style done in 2015 or 16)
Led lights all around
New grills
Genuine A bar
Rear tire carrier included. Rear Sawtooth wheel and tire will be included if the body shop can find it.
Straight through exhaust.
Tinted windows
Front seat risers.
Puma locks all around (matching)
Puma doors wired for power locks (genuine harness)
Power windows from TD5 dash
Stainless bolts
Steering Guard
Clean NY title (1984 or 1985, I will confirm when I am near the truck)


Does not start. The rear lights will need to be hooked up/re-wired and it can likely use an auto electrician. I am assuming this is part of why it is not starting/getting power. It was very reliable up until it sat after the disassembly.
The rear glass will need to be reinstalled properly (I will handle prior to it being picked up, but worth mentioning).
Rear interior side trim is not included. I can help source it for you if needed. It is relatively inexpensive now.

The only known mechanical issue prior to having the paint done was the fuel pump and fitment which is unique to work from Td5 tank to a 300tdi engine and these genuine parts are included with the correct pump (used in IDF military vehicles). I never got around to installing.

Back door paint didn’t stick around the lock area. Not painted at the same time…I ordered the door already painted about a year before the truck was redone. The original puma door had rotting on the bottom.

The stereo should be redone and updated (it is from 2011 or 2012). The shop (which is great) had planned on soundproofing with me and putting in a different head unit after it made the modified double din (genuine) td5 stereo setup. No rear speakers.

Side steps should be thrown out. I believe the body shop painted them for me to be nice…but they are trash.

Interior lights must be re-wired. I was not happy with how they were done and they were not reliable. Could be related to current issue.

The headlights could probably use a fuse. Common issue.

I had the exhaust patched at one point as I was planning on doing a stainless system (not bad necessarily, but worth pointing out).

Needs new tires. I can also help with this if needed.


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Bump. I think this would be great for someone who has a bit of time. There is a lot of value in the parts alone.

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That your Evora? Funny, you'd be the 2nd other person I know of with the same vehicle combo. I have a 2011. I was just at Captain Laurence with my 300tdi yesterday.

Good luck with the sale.

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Please don’t **** on other peoples FS threads. If you’re not interested, move along.
I feel the same as you when you leave a comment after mine. But I think the Author should put “Not Run” in the title or at least at the start of the post. Its a waste of time for potential buyers who were looking for a running car had to read through almost his whole descriptions to find out the car does not start.

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When I read the first post, the third sentence indicated to me that this is a non-runner that needs work: "I don't believe there is a major issue, and someone with know-how can probably have this running in a few hours and perfect in a few days."
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