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Recommended Fluids/Maintenance for 1992 LHD Defender 90

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I recently purchased a 1992 Defender 90 (left hand drive) with 160,000 miles. I’m looking for some recommendations on what services I should do, proactively. Currently it runs very well, only minor issue is it’s a bit rough downshifting from 3rd to 2nd.

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome and congrats.

Change every fluid. PS, Brakes, diffs, gearbox, transfer case, steering swivels, engine. Grease every zerk. Opinions vary on types and weights. Follow the manual, and all will be well. I use Rotella 15W40 for engine.

I assume 200Tdi. If so, get Glencoyne Engineering engine mounts, and another set for gearbox. Huge reduction in vibration.

Land Rover LT77 Gearbox Oil Change | Details change and filter too.
Congrats on the purchase. The good news is Defenders are pretty easy to work on. If you do not have any service history, I would recommend changing ALL the fluids to level set your MX schedule. It will also give you some insight into the health of the running gear.

There is a lot of experience on this board, so use the search function. You did not mention which motor and trans you have, so there may be some specific things to check based on that.

If you have any mechanical ability at all, you will have no difficulty doing routine maintenance on a Defender.
Let’s add brake and radiator fluid swaps to. The brake fluid change only after you have checked the pads.
Redline in the tranny makes a difference. You can google Redline Land Rover LT77 and read up.
Change the timing belt.
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