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I’ve got a 1994 Defender 90, it’s a hard top van and I’m looking to install x4 inward facing seats (pictures attached) into the back with some seatbelts. I think these might be series inward facing seats and there a little on the mature side

I’m looking for some advice before I buy the seatbelt mounting plates on what I’ll need and how I can install the seats themselves.

The seatbelts seem less challenging, but I don’t want to drill more holes than necessary so I’m thinking I might be able to double up seatbelts and attach them to the base of the seat with the bolts running through to the mounting plate.

So far my intention is to get
  • x4 lap seat belts 2 point
  • x8 seatbelt mounting plates (nut welded on)
  • x32 bolts
  • x32 nuts (8 already included on mounting plates but a few extra incase)
  • x32 wide washers
  • x32 grip washers
  • x16 washer springs

The seats and the back of the defender need a good clean… but it’s a beautiful mess

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