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Rear Defroster dead- stumped.

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It's the factory 1997 hardtop rear defogger with dash switch in center nacelle. Worked one week, now nothin.
Checked fuses, relay- ok. Dash switch is ok(swapped with squirter switch and nothing) and getting power to it. Dash indicator light is ok.
Checked with engine running.
Window and Element and connections seem ok.
Where could it be disconnected? if it is. Did not hear relay click since it crapped out.
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That should be in the chassis loom. I would check the chassis loom connections on the firewall. I would also check the wires in the rubber cover at the rear door. Those wires get moved a bunch with the door opening and closing. I would also check the ground rear good.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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