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I recently bought this awesome awning, and then found out I’m getting laid off. So, I’m selling the awning to some deserving soul. I’m selling it at a loss, but it’s better to have the money right now.

This is a 1.9 meter Hannibal awning, also known as the 2.0m awning. This is one of the best awnings available. Hannibal awnings set up in 30 seconds. They have no post, pegs or ropes to bump into or trip over. You can maneuver your vehicle with the awning deployed. This awning withstands winds better than any other awning (Overland Journal, Spring 2010). The quality of Hannibal awnings are unquestionable.
Unfortunately, Hannibal awnings are no longer available in the U.S.A.

The awning I have for sale is an older model. The older models are even more rugged than the new models. The older models have no plastic parts on them and the mounting brackets have an extended base for added strength. The old OEM canvas has been replaced with a brand new custom canvas made with some of the highest quality material available (marine grade awning material). High quality webbing buckles were used on the new canvas, but the OEM buckles are the best you can buy, so I am including a set of the OEM buckles in case you wish to replace the straps and buckles. I am also including a set of Velcro extenders in case you wish to stow the arms in the canvas like I do.
Selling price is $955.00. Location is Southern California, south of San O. I am willing to ship, buyer pays shipping.
Some notes:
1. The new canvas is very tight, which is good but a little challenging the first time you assemble the awning. Don’t worry, just put the right side in first and use some muscle on the left side.
2. Hannibal awnings are designed to mount to Hannibal roof racks. If you are not mounting to a Hannibal rack, your rack needs to be as strong as a Hannibal rack and you either need to buy or make an adapter for your rack. It shouldn’t be too difficult to make a simple adapter, or search ebay for "Hannibal awning genuine defender roof rack mounting bracket". There is a very nice (and expensive) adapter if you can’t find one elsewhere.

3. The new canvas does not have grommets for the optional sidewalls (which you can’t buy in the USA anyway).

Below is a picture of the awning on my truck. This is the only time I’ve used the new canvas.

Here is a video of how to assemble the awning:
And another one:

Some reviews: , starting at post #449
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