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Hi all.,

I am currently installing a new kenwood stero in my 95 90. I have wired it all according to the archive info (wire color connections, etc)

here is my problem

no sound is coming out of any speakers.

the radio and all it's functions work fine hooked into the rover.

i disconeccted one set of speaker wires and hooked to an external speaker and it works fine.

i would then assume the speakers must need some power source??

after all the splicing, i am left with 2 wires.

one is the red with black stripe.. it is the light dimmer control (comes on with my test light when the lights are turned on)

the only other wire from the original harness is a plain yellow.

i am thinking it is (I hope), perchance, a power wire to the speakers? if i run one of hot wires coming out of the radio to this yellow might my speakers power up?

this yellow wire has no juice coming out of it in any key position, lights on, etc.

i did not, however, want to hook anything up and fry soimething before i checked with someone who may actually know what they are doing.

I cannot think of anything else... why would my speakers not be coming on.

everything is wired correctly, spliced tight.. i have installed many other radios before.
please tell me its the yellow wire!!!

also.. not as big of deal..(I assume it is because the speakers are not sucking power).. but when i turn off key the radio stays on.

i have the ig hot (orange white )on 90 to the ig hot (red) on the radio. and the constant power hooked up.

when i tested with my 12v test light. the radio goes right off when the key is turned off. i am assuming the radio is not drawing enough current without the speakers for it to turn off right away, because when some extra draw (the light) is added to the circut, it turns on and off as it should.

i have searched the archives, dome a searcxh of the threads and looked thru my manual to no avail.. any help??



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i don't know.. it does not specify it on the kenwood instructions. it has dual instructions.. one for running an amp with the rca input/outputs, etc... and one for just plugging the radio to the speaker wires.

when i took out the LR radio, i simply connected the new radio plug to the existing wires in the console. i did not see any amplifier from the factory.. just a plug harness that went into the back of the factory radio.

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I also have a 95 d90. When I installed my Pioneer head unit I had the same exact problem. The remaining wire I had left from the stock harness was yellow with a violet stripe. When I called crutchfield they told me to connect the wire from the radio labeled "system remote" to that wire and bingo. Apparently that yellow wire is a power lead for the amp under the passenger seat. do you have any wires that you didn't use on the head unit?

Follow-up Post:

to late to edit but here's a link to my original post about the radio.

Head unit install
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