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R2-8 Diesel conversion

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I talked to a reputable Rovers shop today about replacing my 3.9 to an R2-8 Cummins in my 1995 NAS Defender 90. I wasn't at all shocked at the price ( as I thought it would have been much more actually ) and think it would be a world of difference over all . My questions are : 1 would this help the reliability level . 2 would it decrease the value or increase the value of my truck ? I'm guessing from what I've scene increase? This would allow it to be a life long drivable vehicle without having to lay under it. They would also while its apart treat the frame . Feedback would be appriciated .
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I feel sometimes we live in a negative feedback loop where reliability is concerned. The rest of the world considers these trucks work horses. When I lived in England I had an old D1 with a 300tdi that I bought for around £2000. This was before I was an enthusiast. It have about 175k on it. New timing belt? Nope. Regular oil changes? Nope. I just filled it up and drove the hell out of it. We drove that thing all over Europe. Once for two months camping with a pregnant wife and 3 year old daughter. It never even crossed my mind that it might not be reliable.
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