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R2-8 Diesel conversion

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I talked to a reputable Rovers shop today about replacing my 3.9 to an R2-8 Cummins in my 1995 NAS Defender 90. I wasn't at all shocked at the price ( as I thought it would have been much more actually ) and think it would be a world of difference over all . My questions are : 1 would this help the reliability level . 2 would it decrease the value or increase the value of my truck ? I'm guessing from what I've scene increase? This would allow it to be a life long drivable vehicle without having to lay under it. They would also while its apart treat the frame . Feedback would be appriciated .
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I drove my Defender to the beach one time ( 3 hour drive ) . Scariest trip ever! Still can't believe I made it ! You're the only guy I've ever met who thinks these are great for long trips! Lol You're are talking about a 3.9 GAS engine correct?I guess I need a new Michanic but not sure where in Baltimore County . I appreciate your confidence and encouragement .
If it’s scary to drive because of handling then your suspension and/or steering need attention. It should only be uncomfortable due to wind noise, rain leaks, and lack of adequate heat - the classic experience. That said, they were never designed for hours of miserable American freeway driving, or safety at those speeds. Crash in a Defender at 70mph and there’s a good chance you’re done for.

Which cap and rotor are you using? There’s only one good option anymore. The guys here will recall the name.
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