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R2-8 Diesel conversion

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I talked to a reputable Rovers shop today about replacing my 3.9 to an R2-8 Cummins in my 1995 NAS Defender 90. I wasn't at all shocked at the price ( as I thought it would have been much more actually ) and think it would be a world of difference over all . My questions are : 1 would this help the reliability level . 2 would it decrease the value or increase the value of my truck ? I'm guessing from what I've scene increase? This would allow it to be a life long drivable vehicle without having to lay under it. They would also while its apart treat the frame . Feedback would be appriciated .
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If the shop can’t properly repair your 3.9, they will
Never be able to do a proper tdi conversion. There was a white NAS tdi conversion for sale recently and it was a NO SALE at $77k. Plenty of ROW tdi trucks available in the 30-40k range. IMO, best to buy a completed truck in the configuration that you want. Labor rates are $$ crazy and you’ll have a lot of downtown time waiting for an engine swap. Good luck!
If I were going back to JT or Death Valley in my defender, it would be with a box of spares! The quality of parts now is causing many of us to replace things every few years. Ignitions, starters, hoses, lift pumps etc etc. Even then, the V8 rovers stay home and the Tdi has the adventure. I’ve come to appreciate the 300tdi and its quirks. All roadside fixable if needed. If it blows up one day, Cummings swap is the obvious choice. A crate motor with factory support- doesn’t get any better than that. And truth is, the shops could do a better job with a reliability goal in mind, but they would put themselves out of business. They love rovers being towed in, only to get the cheap parts that failed- installed again! On our beaches and trails, it’s the same trucks that fail or break down most summers and they keep going back to the same shops and get excuses in return. The trucks by their nature are NOT the problem. We all can do a better job of learning our way around a tool box and staying away from the dread and drama of the alternative. Drive and enjoy the best that you can!!
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