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R2-8 Diesel conversion

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I talked to a reputable Rovers shop today about replacing my 3.9 to an R2-8 Cummins in my 1995 NAS Defender 90. I wasn't at all shocked at the price ( as I thought it would have been much more actually ) and think it would be a world of difference over all . My questions are : 1 would this help the reliability level . 2 would it decrease the value or increase the value of my truck ? I'm guessing from what I've scene increase? This would allow it to be a life long drivable vehicle without having to lay under it. They would also while its apart treat the frame . Feedback would be appriciated .
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Why is your truck not reliable? A Rover V8 is as reliable as anything.

It will hurt value. It makes more sense to start with an imported truck.

I would go with Uncle Doug if you want to do it. That is his main business.
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I'm guessing most guys trailer these to events? To try and drive one would be to risky .
Good lord no. Long distance expeditions is what they are best at.

You have one little problem and an incompetent mechanic. That is not a reason to install a completely new engine.

The solution is to find a competent mechanic and have your issue fixed.
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Sure. We do multi week expeditions regularly as does everyone else I know. Nothing wrong with the V8s other than using a lot of fuel. The are Buick engine designed in 1959. You sound like you are having a problem with the EFI or ignition system. Both are basic systems and as reliable as anything else.

Modern engines are extremely complicated and, in the end, less reliable because of it than older engines.
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