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1986 LRD RHD 110
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We can now offer a Puma Dash to LS CAN Bus Interface Module. Six wire connection and eliminates the Puma ECU.

Instant easy to install solution for the Temp Gauge, Tach, Battery Warning Lamp and Oil Pressure Warning Lamp.

This module only works with the LS CAN Bus at the moment but Rover V8 and 300 TDI Modules will be available soon.

Price is $499.00 Shipped with warranty and full support as required.
Hello There
I am working in a 1987 LRD RHD restauration (All the chassis harness as well as the DASH is from a 2012 PUMA) and swapping the engine to a 6.2 LS3; will this allow me to use the PUMA DASH with the LS power train?


21 - 27 of 27 Posts