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Possible to do 5 point harness in middle row of 110 fitted with Safety Devices L172?

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Setting aside whether or not I *should* be contemplating such a thing (we all have our reasons), is it possible to fit racing seats and 5 point harnesses in the middle row of a 110 with the Safety Devices Internal/External cage? If so, what are some general considerations? Thanks!
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You'll need to do some fabricating for the harness mounts to the cage, installing them wrong will **** you up more than using a standard belt if not installed properly. Here's a more practical option that you can use with anu seat and a simple bar across the seat for mounting

3-Point Retractable Harness Belts - Harness Belts - Other - Corbeau Racing Seats
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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