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Hey everybody,
Hope you are doing well ! Posting as i have recently completed (coated and rust proofed as a final step, with Rust Bullet and Dinitrol) all the work i deemed necessary (as a proper nerd of course) in order to make my new Genuine Land Rover 110 chassis look exactly as my original one did when it rolled off the factory line back in early 1984. The work included :

A-Frame replacement. The 1983 to early 1986, i believe, Land Rover 110s and 90s for that matter had an A- Frame crossmember that did not wrap, up to a certain point, around the chassis rails. Instead it stood and was welded on top of them. That's exactly what i installed after careful removal of the present one. Got mine from DDS in the UK. Top company by the way !

Rear Crossmember. That already had the towing socket hole from the factory, just like the early vehicles but it also had detachable rear tub anchorage points and some extra holes. All these have been taken care of.

Chassis Rails holes. There are way too many holes on the later production chassis rails from GKN but all of them have been patched up.

Top of Bulkhead outriggers. The early vehicles had one relatively large hole pressed on their top face. Now as i did not have a large enough press to actually press the material off i used my trusty old angle grinder and a hole drill tool. The result is literally the same though

Will be posting photos soon for you to see the finished chassis. In case anyone wishes to achieve the same or similar results i would be really glad to assist !!!
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If you just weld body mounting tabs on the rear crossmember you will have fun mounting the rear body as the later rear crossmembers are curved. Which is why they had separate body mounting plate. The tow electrics socket hole is also different as are the towbar mounting holes on the bottom face of the crossmember are different as well. For it to be fully correct you would need to replace the crossmember with the early type.

Also don't forget to add the holes for the rear facing right hand shock absorber on an early 110.
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