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Passenger Side Under-Seat box and storage questions

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So, after tearing apart my 1993 110 yesterday, and in the interest of learning my truck as well as trying to figure out where to mount some electronics. I searched, but did not find a definitive answer.

My driver side(LHD) under-seatbox has the battery box mounted in and once you pop the seat off, there is a simple lid plate fastened by 4 screws that allows access to the under seat compartment. The heavy dark olive molded rubber matting was cut with a razor or other sharp object to allow access to the lid & 4 screws.

I pulled the passenger seat off and expected the same type of compartment below, but did not see one. Meaning the rubber matting is uncut...I know that there is space under the seat, but I stopped short of cutting the rubber mat and/or cutting out the top of the seatbox between the seat rails with a jigsaw and making a simple plate lid (as has been done to the driver side). There is no factory release hinge on the front of the box.

After inspection from underneath, the space/floorboard look to be in good condition with little or no corrosion present. I do not see a reason to replace it.

Am I overthinking this or missing something? To gain access, is it just a matter of trimming the rubber and it is more than likely that there is a lid/compartment underneath the molded rubber matting that is just hidden. One question is, did all 110's have the lid in place from the factory or was this an option?

I've seen that there is a "official/stock lid," but it looks much like a simple flat plate with a rail to slide into... All help and thoughts appreciated. I'd prefer to know my odds before cutting the floor mat.
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So you don’t have these on either side?

Two seatbox lids, with fasteners - Defender Source
Yeah, I wish i took some pics. I returned to the Cayes today and locked my trucks away in storage for about 10 days. I'll need to revisit then. I have lots of pics, but nothing that shows the Oh, so sexy under seat boxes. They look from the outside, just like everyone else's though.
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