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1995 Defender 110 (ROW) 300TDI R380
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I’m new here too and down in Corpus Christi.
Got mine in October and so far working to change all fluids.
Oil and gearbox are done.
fliters are done.
next up air brake fluid replacement
Grease prop shaft and u-joints
Replace diff and transfer box fluids
I’ve got a small oil leak so I need to dig into that more…

I inspected my u-joints a bit today and they seem to be tight with no play in them.

what makes you think you need a gearbox overhaul?

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Congrats. Great looking truck. Any plans for it, or just gonna enjoy it as is?
No real plans. I may replace the seating, but other than that not much. Not planning to off road it at all. Just a local town cruiser.

Sorry for my delay in getting back to all of you. I actually ended up having surgery about a week after I started this thread.
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