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So I've made the decision I'm going a different direction with the cage on my build, so it's time to move this one on to someone who will use it.

I've got a Protection and Performance Exocage for a 110 CSW with an internal B-hoop. The cage was installed on a vehicle that never ran, then removed and has been in storage for two years.
It has some scuffs and scrapes from being moved around and some corrosion on the the hardware but otherwise is like new. The cage came with the mounting locations for a B-hoop to bolt through the roof and I've had a B-hoop made to match by P&P (it's unpainted). The windscreen crossbar (one that sits over the vents) is also freshly made and unpainted.
The A hoop has a mounting brackets for lights.

I've had Front mounting struts and brackets (ones that sit inside the front wings and bolt to the bulkhead) galvanized and will need the threads re-tapped.

I've also had The Rear mounting struts and Center stub mounts electrostaticly zinc plated. I couldn't do galvanizing since they slide in and out of one another and the zinc would be too thick.

Shipping this thing is probably nuts, but if you have some way to get a pick-up I'm happy to strap it to a palette. Otherwise I would be happy to drive it to the Canadian side of the border in at the New York (Ogdensburg/Prescott) crossing if you wanted to drive to pick it up.

Looking to get $2150 US which I think is a very fair price.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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