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1995 Defender 110 (ROW) 300TDI R380
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I am running a Roamerdrive in my 110 TD5 with 285/75R16 (32.8") and stock transfer case

No issues with drivability on the highway, on the flats I can quite comfortably cruise at 130kmh (80 mph) on flats. If I hit an incline, drop it to 4th and power through, or 3rd if I have to.

The Roamerdrive is a 28% increase in gearing, and can left engaged through all gears. I have on occasion forgotten to disengage after coming to a stop, and the resulting start reminds you quickly that it's engaged.

I have done a couple long trips with it, Vancouver to Moab, Vancouver Joshua Tree, couldn't imagine doing those trips without it.
what gear oil do you use? I am looking to purchase a Roamerdrive but struggling on the compatible gear oil search for the transfer box.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts