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Okay to use non-OEM O2 sensors?

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1997 NAS D90. Did not find anything from the search results. If I missed it, sorry in advanced.

Anyone have good experience with non-OEM oxygen sensors? Our D90 is in the shop and they can only find one OEM sensor locally without going to the dealership. Would it be safe to get a Denso, Bosch, or NTK, ACDELCO?
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Sure - the system is pretty dumb actually and doesn't care..

here is a cheap alternative that works (and is for a defender as well)
about $46.00/ea
they are all designed by bosh and made by ngk. rebranded to fit manufacturer's needs. price variation is due to name rebranding.
It mattered in the P38. (I know it is a P38) I got some cheap ones and kept giving me weird codes. Installed Bosch ones and no more codes.
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