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Defender 90 TDCi new body for sale.

Front to rear.
Includes. LHD bulkhead, 2 doors with glass, handles and hinges, windshield assembly and glass, Floors, seat box, wheel arches, drop Tailgate, Body tub, Front wings, inner fender wells, Puma Bonnet and canvas soft top.

Body tub is the pickup version so will need to get a bulkhead removal bar if making a 4 passenger. Unless you are replacing your NAS tub you already have this.

Does not include dash, or door interior parts. So entire metal body panel replacement for Defender 90. This is new TDCI. you will have a few minor mods to make to chassis mounts. Not difficult. No lights or electricals. This is all sheet metal only plus the soft top.

Wrapped for shipping. Either pickup in person at our Wilmington shop or I can ship it. I do not know cost. Ready to go out the door.

The disassembly photo is from a different vehicle. But to show the standard of our take offs only.
These are from brand new factory vehicles. Get it now because the prices are going up fast due to factory soon to end production.


I also have an excellent NAS soft top cage complete with canvas.
Make me an offer. I think these are valuable.


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