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OK everyone,
I have a 110 Tithonis, and an 88 RRC. The radio is gone from the RRC, never existed in the Tith. and the speedo in the RRC doesn't work - because the angle drive gear was apparently scavenged and sold before I bought the truck.

So my plan is a big tablet - I need to be able to run GPS on it (independant of phone coverage) and I will be installing E-32 maps - for my Baja Adventures, plus some other basic USA coverage for navigation.
we plan on running the 2019 Baja 4000 (which is really 5000 Km, or 3000 Miles, I hate it when they sell themselves short!) , so we need good navigation for that one (hence the E32)

I also want to load on a bunch of soundtracks for traveling, and be able to run i heart radio or some other way of getting standard radio, plus load up some podcasts, and maybe a couple of movies, ideally, we will project movies on the side of the defender at night in the campsites!

so any recomendations on tablets? I'm trying to stay away from Apple, as they currently don't have the E-32 maps for them - (overdue, I'm not interested in waiting on some foreign national millenial to get off his ass and make it work)

so I'm probably best off running an android type setup?

any ideas, recomendations, info, inpu,t rude comments, questions - all are welcome here!


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I run a Dual Electronics XGPS150A Multipurpose Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver ($78 on Amazon) coupled to my (non data) iPad for the same purposes you are looking for.

For city navigation I just download the maps on Google Maps, for off-road I use Gaia. It works amazing.

I know you said you don’t want apple products, it shouldn’t make a difference which tablet you use. I’ve been impressed by the ASUS ZenPad 3 for what it’s worth. Super powerful and affordable as these things go.

For mounting I use a ram mount with the bottom secured to a 1” ram ball that I mounted where the bottom gauge blank is.

The cool thing about this setup is that you can mount a backup WiFi enabled camera and have that to aid your parking.

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