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$250 shipped within lower 48.

See this thread for original listing.

Bought it and decided not to install. Also listing now includes the nylon/rubber flex pipe which mates these two metal pieces together on the outside. I noticed the flex pipe fits perfect on the wing plate pipe but is a little big on the snorkel downpipe - can be corrected to fit pretty easily.

All that is needed to use this is a few hose clamps and the flex pipe for the engine bay which can be purchased at McMaster (they sell the heat resistant nylon ones needed for engine bay use) - see below which should cost about $15/ft so add $75 to this purchase and you have a fully functional NAS V8 snorkel for $325.


I painted it and it looks great. As original listing said, I believe the down-pipe may have been slightly trimmed (shortened) previously but still fits fine with the flex pipe and you cannot tell any difference when all is connected.

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