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I just wanted to let everyone know that early next week we'll be moving the site over to All links, bookmarks, etc will continue to work so you don't need to change anything or do anything differently, the site will remain 100% the same. Special thanks to NomaD110 for donating the domain name.

Following are the reasons this is being done.

- We wanted to make sure that all Defender & Series owners felt included. Especially since more 110s around now (being imported). This place was pretty much NAS only for a long time but we have lots of other trucks now.

- Help people find our site. The Nikon D 90 camera dominates the search results for "D 90". It would be nearly impossible for us to reach a top spot on the first page (currently we sit at the bottom of page 2). By including the keyword "Defender" in our domain name it will help our search engine optimization effort so more Defender owners can find us.

- We were always known as the D-90 Source, now it's just going to be the Defender Source.

The change should be 100% seamless, you can keep all your old pages bookmarked, they will still work.

Note: You will need to login when we change because the cookie
for will not transfer over to

If you all link back to us from any other sites, we would appreciate it if you would update the links with our new domain name.

After some time passes and the search engines are settled with this new change we'll start working on a new design for the site including a new logo which we can use for t-shirts and other schwag. For t-shirts, I was thinking about something simple like the following along with our logo (which would be ideal for printing and look really nice).


front view.gif

90 SW.gif



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