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Metal outside push button door handles?

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Here’s a quickie question, and try not to roast me too hard if it’s obvious, but I’ve looked for a few weeks and have not found metal outside push button door handles available. Do they exist?


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Exmoor offers some

DDE too

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Killer, thanks guys. Those exmoor ones look super nice. Something to consider.
Optimil is the best out there! I put them on my D90 along with new anti-theft hinges. The only downside....they use some kind of pot metal locking mechanism in the be prepared to see rusting at the key hole.
We have the Exmoor door handles instock if interested just Pm us, like stated above they are expensive but a very nice handle. The benefit you have with Exmoor over Optimil is you can run the later puma lock barrels which I dont believe is possible with optimil.
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Hey Mike
Let me know when you want it brother, I got you!
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Or these ones:
Dang it. Already recommended
They're sold out but they also have some really cool parts I haven't seen before. Thanks for sharing!
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